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The Immigration Act 1971 provides:

1. General Principles

  1. All those who are in this Act expressed to have the right of abode in the United Kingdom shall be free to live in, and to come and go into and from, the United Kingdom without let or hindrance except such as may be required under and in accordance with this Act to enable their right to be established or as may be otherwise lawfully imposed on any person.
  2. Those not having that right may live, work and settle in the United Kingdom by permission and subject to such regulation and control of their entry into, stay in and departure from the United Kingdom as is imposed by this Act; and indefinite leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom shall, by virtue of this provision, be treated as having been given under this Act to those in the United Kingdom at its coming into force, if they are then settled there (and not exempt under this Act from the provisions relating to leave to enter or remain)

Do you or someone you know need to do something about your immigration status?

Our Immigration Solicitors are experienced in dealing with a wide range of immigration matters. Whether you are looking to enter, stay, settle or apply for British citizenship, we can help you.

Our service

At MFI Law Limited Solicitors, our experienced Immigration Solicitors are passionate about making sure that your case is handled well right from the start. We have knowledge about a wide range of immigration matters and keep abreast of new developments that we can assist you with current and up-to- date information and advice.

We aim to provide tailored advice to suit your individual situation with sensible and honest advice. We make our client’s best interests a priority and we aim to ensure that we are providing an efficient and cost-effective service that put’s a client’s best interest, at all times, at the heart of the work that we do. We will advise you of the most appropriate options that are open to you and we will endeavour to work hard to submit or lodge any necessary applications or appeals as soon as possible.

Comprehensive service

We are able to provide legal advice and assistance in respect of a wide range of immigration matters which include:

  1. Applications by persons to the Home Office covering a wide range of categories of all types including spouse, child, visitor, dependant relatives;
  2. EU Law applications;
  3. Long Residence applications;
  4. Asylum and Humanitarian Protection;
  5. British Citizenship, nationality and for the exercise of discretion;
  6. Immigration Appeals and Administrative Review;
  7. Immigration Bail;
  8. Judicial Review against the Home Office;
  9. All Points Based System applications including Entrepreneur, Investor, Work, Student and Temporary Workers;
  10. Removal or Deportation; and
  11. Applications outside the Immigration Rules under the Home Office Policies and Concessions and for the exercise of discretion.

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To arrange for a consultation or to speak with us for more information, call us today on 0208 679 5100 or alternatively, on 07724 513 822.

Please feel free to explore the individual areas covering the types of immigration matters that we cover that are listed below. You can alternatively, call us today to find out how we can help you.

Find out more information about the following immigration matters that we cover:

For a majority of our immigration matters, we charge a fixed fee.

It is our usual practice to require any fees that are payable for work to be done on your behalf to be paid in advance before any work is carried out. This means that you must pay before any work is started, including applications that need to be submitted to the Home Office or for any appeals that need to be lodged with the First‐tier Tribunal.

However, we do understand that not everyone will be able to pay in this manner. That is why we offer flexible payment options for individual clients.

For a confidential consultation to speak with us about how we can help you about your immigration matter, please call us on 0208 679 5100 or alternatively, on 07724 513 822 or send us an email.

We are happy to discuss your immigration matter with you over the telephone initially so that you can decide before what you want to do or how you wish to proceed. If you are interested in seeking more information and/or advice and want to see us for an appointment in person, we ask for an initial payment on account of £150.00 to be made in advance to us after which an appointment is arranged with one of our Immigration Solicitors.

If you do instruct us and proceed ahead with the making of any application or appeal, this initial payment will be taken off the cost of the matter that we deal with on your behalf. However, in the event that you do not proceed and instruct us on any matter, then the initial payment will cover the cost of the appointment and will be non‐refundable.

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